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How to Activate UAN Number and How to know EPF Account Details

How to Activate UAN Number and How to know EPF Account  Details

How to Activate UAN Number and How to know EPF Account  Details

              In this article, I teach you. How to Activate UAN Number and How to know EPF Account  Details? 

    Some information about EPFO

                  EPFO is a Social Security Scheme for Employees launched by the Government of India in 1952. If more than 20 employees are working in a factory or an organization, they get the benefit of this scheme. Every month 12% of the employee's basic salary is deposited by the employee and his employer in his provident fund i.e. PF account. 

                   Apart from the fact that this Employees Fund pays employees as much as they have in that account at the time of retirement, it has 2 more benefits. They are as follows

    1. Employees Pension Scheme
    2. Employees Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme

    Under the EPFO ​​scheme, there may be a change in the interest of the employee's account balance. After the death of the employee, his provident fund is given to his family. It is overseen by a provident fund organization.

     Some information about UAN number.

                      UAN (UNIVERSAL ACCOUNT NUMBER) is a 12 digit number given to each employee by the provident fund association. This is the account number of your provident fund account. This number allows you to keep track of your provident fund accounts.

    How to activate UAN number.

                     You can activate your UAN number manually on your mobile. For this, you want to follow the following steps.

    1. First, you need to open the Chrome Browser on your mobile. And do EPFO Search in it.

     2. Then click on the first result from the result you got.

      3. After that, you want to select Crome's Screen Dekstop Site.

    4. After that, you want to click on For Employees in services.

    5. Now you want to click on Member UAN / Online Services.

    6. Now you want to click on Active UAN.

    7. After clicking on Active UAN, you have to fill in your information. So from there you select Aadhar number and enter your Aadhar number.

    8. Now you have to enter your name under the Aadhaar number and remember that the name you entered should match the name on your Aadhaar.

    9. Below your name you want to enter your date of birth and your date of birth should also match your base father's date of birth.

    10. Enter your mobile number below your date of birth and note that the mobile number you entered must be linked to your Aadhaar.

    11. After filling in the complete information, enter Captcha below.

    12. After entering Captcha, click on Authenticate.

    13. After clicking on Authenticate, click on the Agree column.

    14. If you have received OTP on your mobile till now, click on the OTP column and enter the OTP.

    15. After entering the OTP, click on Validate OTP and Authenticate.

    16. After OTP Verification, your UAN number will be activated and your UAN number will be notified to you through Massage.

    If you try to login with your UAN number and password, it will not happen now. It will take 6 hours for your UAN number to be fully activated, then you can log in after 6 hours.

    How to get your own UAN number and account information.

        Here are 3 ways to get your UAN number and your provident account information.

    1. Via SMS
      You can get your account information by sending an SMS to the Provident Fund (EPF). For this you have SMS "EPFOHO UAN" on 7738299899 then you will be informed about your account information via SMS.

    2. Via Missed Call
         You can also get the information of your PF account by making a Missed Call to the Provident Organization, for which you have to make a Missed Call on 011-22901406, and then you will be informed of your account information via SMS.

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