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Top 5 Freelancing websites

Top 5 Freelancing websites


Hello friends,

Here are the five best freelance websites with the most work in twenty-eight twenty nineteen these are the ones that have the most traffic, and therefore jobs usually available.


    fiverr.com is the one that has the most traffic and it has, of course, all kinds of different categories just like the others with graphics and design digital marketing writing video, etc. and basically what sets them apart is you create gigs so for instance. if you were doing digital marketing you go to say social media marketing and you see these gigs and in your state how much you charge for doing certain things instead of having like a typical hourly rate.

    and then trying to apply for jobs that are posted the people who need something done to approach you instead of you approaching them when they post a job so fiber kind of started out with five-ten fifteen dollar gigs that's how they got really popular. because they were cheaper and then now they have higher-end gigs as you can see for like 165 1,500 but you have to like earn the right to be able to do higher-end stuff so you have reviews you have messaging you have paid can be made towards paid PayPal and all that stuff through.

    The Fiverr program with their app as well as far as traffic goes they are ranked 392 in the entire world globally and 255 in the United States you can check alexa.com slash site info and go to the Fiverr comm website to see the numbers but as you can see mostly United States customers with India coming in second but they are a worldwide web site and a track again attract people looking for more of a a cheaper service in many cases another one you can do is up work they come in and second as far as the traffic goes and

    2. Upwork

    upwork.com actually bought elance.com so they have kind of merged and become one major freelance website so you can go here this will attract more people that have probably more money to spend and you'll notice that like if you typed in say SEO or something like that you'll notice that people have pretty high charges per hour you'll notice forty-five dollars an hour,r maybe sixty-five dollars, an hour ninety dollars.

    now it just depends on different gigs but you'll notice that pretty much writing copywriting video editing just about anything a lot of people make a lot of money per hour on here so there is a market for higher-end hourly rates and you can kind of go through and search for different top results in your field and kind of see what the top profiles.

    all have in common so that you can craft a really nice profile but you actually go to the job for up work their ranking is 44 68 in the entire world in terms of traffic according to alexa.com plus they have 278 as their rank in the United States with 31.4% of a visitor coming from us. 


    next up we have freelancer calm so freelancer is another one it is ranked third on this list as far as traffic goes so they will still have a lot of jobs available but not quite as many opportunities as you probably would find on Fiverr or Upwork so you would just click I want to work.

    if you are trying to sign up as a freelancer and then that will take you to the sign-up page and all of that they're ranking in terms of traffic is 1315 in the entire world and the United States is 23 xD - so you'll notice that the United States is actually their second-highest amount of traffic and India is actually the number one country in terms of visitors at twenty-four and a half percent so they are pretty highly ranked in India and still fairly highly ranked in the United States.

    just not it's just not their primary you know number one group of as far as their demographics so if you're looking for if you're in India or you're trying to help people with things that have to do more with India or the demographic that you would find in India then this would be a great place to do marketing graphic design coding and all that type of stuff you'll notice a lot of those types of jobs on here and they have two apps available of course each for the Apple or Android device that you have.

    4. People per hour

     the next one and that is people per hour calm and they have quite a bit of traffic they come in fourth in terms of traffic they do have 1.5 million freelancers and you'll notice that they have a ton of businesses that look for jobs to get filled on here but as far as earnings you'll notice that they post them in Euros so maybe not the top market for saying the US.

    but you could find maybe more European demographics here but as far as people per hour in terms of traffic they are ranked sixty-seven hundred and twenty-seven they are on the rise up by five hundred and ninety-one spots.

    and in India, they are ranked 1306 which is pretty high they have thirty-two percent of their visitors from India than Pakistan at 10.1% United States nine-point one United Kingdom eight point four percent in China 6.2 percent so their visitors are up maybe the time on site is down a little bit but as cording to alexa.com, they still get a pretty good amount of traffic if you need another option to look at.


     and then last but not least is guru.com you can go here they've had a million or so jobs completed 250 million or so paid to euros in US dollars and 3 million members worldwide so they have programming secretary work engineering business lawyers all kinds of stuff so some things like lawyers and you know engineers and architects.

    you might not find a lot of jobs on other sites for those types of things so it just kind of depends on what you're trying to do is in terms of what skills you're trying to market but you'll notice here are some of the skills here obviously developers web developers app developers coding that type of stuff pretty much travels.

    as par as any of the freelance sites, things like writing graphic design do as well marketing but they might have a different couple categories that you wouldn't find a lot of work for on other sites as far as their ranking they are 11,000 277 in the world in terms of traffic and franked 1840 in India which happens to be their top source of traffic at 37.1% and if you want to expand your business worldwide in the future India, of course, is definitely.

    the country to look at because they have a lot of people coming on to the internet here in 2019 and beyond as far as new Internet users so India has a huge population over billion people plus a lot of new Internet users are coming on to the internet so the United States 18.6% at number two and then you have Pakistan Japan and Bengal. Free website hits

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