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Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI): how to download the APK, early access link

After the india bans the PUBG Mobile. But PUBG is the most favourite game of Indians. Every younger is player of Battleground Mobile India. Many peopels of india are extremely waiting for PUBG Mobile.

How to Become a Early Access Tester for Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)

Also expect new weapons, vehicles, and maybe even a new Zone feature...

Following the release of a new video teaser showcasing what's new in the upcoming TAEGO update for PUBG, fans think they've discovered new features coming the original battle royale game, including new weapons, vehicles, a new zone feature, and even self pick-up.

According to an analysis by dataminer PlayerIGN (thanks, PCGN), as well as self-pickup, TAEGO's new 8x8 map will also feature a new Pony Coupe vehicle, 5.56 K2 Assault Rifle, 5.56 K12 DMR, a "new airdrop type", a possible new Zone feature, and the return of Paramo's Chinook helicopter.

A second teaser and screenshots released in Korea also suggest we'll see a palace and a school on the new map, with rumours the new content will be available to play on the PC Test Server from 30th June.

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Interestingly, the rumour of self pickup has been further stoked by a the French-language PUBG Twitter account that teased: "Combat doesn't stop at death".

TAEGO is set to release on PC on 7th July, and consoles on 15th July.

17 million people have now signed up for upcoming mobile title PUBG: New State.

PUBG: New State was announced back in February and described as the "only mobile successor to the original PC version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds". It's a futuristic version of PUBG set after the events of the original game and is supposed to have "ultra-realistic graphics" that will surpass "what was previously possible in mobile gaming graphics", along with some new game mechanics like dodging, drone calls, and support requests.

Pre-registration was opened up following the game's announcement, with players able to register their interest via Google Play and the App Store... and it seems to have received a lot of attention.

How to Download Battlegrounds Mobile India Early Access APK from Google Play Store

The Indian gaming industry has recently received a sonic boom in terms of popularity and financial flux with popular games like PUBG Mobile and Free Fire.

The much-needed financial boost has changed the standard of living for some popular gamers. Young aspiring YouTubers and amateur gamers are considering making a career in Esports.

With Esports becoming a valuable career option for young aspirants, it is important to be aware of the financial situation of the sector. Popular YouTuber, 8bit Thug, discusses these issues in his latest video.

This article will reveal details of the earnings of PUBG Mobile and Free Fire players and streamers.

PUBG Mobile and Free Fire have emerged as some of the most popular gaming titles in the country in recent years. Esports gamers and streamers frequently engage in competitive tournaments and stream regular content.

Popular Esports gamers and streamers end up earning a hefty amount of money due to the streams and prize pool. As mentioned above, many fans and followers are now considering streaming and competitive gaming to be a profitable career option.

8bit Thug begins by dividing the gaming sector into two halves. On one side we have esports gamers, while on the other side we have YouTubers and content streamers.

Popular PUBG Mobile esports gamers usually have three types of income.

1) Salary
The esports ecosystem in India is still developing compared to that of the Western world. However, popular PUBG Mobile and other gamers, end up getting a salary of around 40,000 to 150,000 rupees in India.

2) Prize Money
There is considerable debate regarding the prize money earned through competitions and tournaments.

Usually the contracts between professional gamers and any organization remain confidential. Therefore, it is sort of impossible to decipher what percentage of the prize pool the gamer retains. The prize pool for gaming competitions are generally high. PUBG Mobile gamers are expected to earn a fair amount of money through it.

3) Sponsorship
Popular PUBG Mobile gamers often sign grand sponsorship contracts with big companies. These brands endorse the gamers and pay a handsome amount to appear in commercials and promotions.

8bit Thug also revealed the financial prospects of PUBG Mobile streamers as well.

1) On platform monetization
On-platform monetization remains one of the most significant methods to earn money for streamers. On-platform monetization includes beans on the Loco platform, YouTube Superchats and bits and donations on Twitch.

On-platform monetization is the basic source of income for PUBG Mobile and Free Fire streamers.

2) Advertisement revenue
Gamers often come across a few seconds of advertising in PUBG Mobile streams and content. This is one of the methods of earning money. Usually a million views of the advertisement fetches around Rs. 24,000. The value also depends on other factors such as the view time and CPMs of the streamers to name a few.

3) Sponsorships and Brand Endorsements
PUBG Mobile streamers and content creators end up getting good sponsorship if the content is decent, has a regular audience and generates a good amount of views on the channel.

In recent years, audiences have shifted towards digital content over any other mode. This has created a lot of opportunities for streamers to earn and get a decent ROI.

8bit Thug reveals that a popular PUBG Mobile streamer may end up generating close to a million dollars through streams. While other streamers with a decent audience may earn close to $100,000 a year.

The figures represent the actual demographics that have emerged out of market surveys. The esports industry in India is blooming and has the prospect of growing more in the coming years.

Streaming and professional gaming is indeed a very good career option. However, aspirants must note that it is not an easy task establishing yourself and catering to the needs of the audience. It will take time to settle down and will test the patience before churning out proper revenue and income.

Download Battleground Mobile India

The new PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds map is coming next month and a new trailer has been released to tease upcoming features being added in the next update to the still-popular battle royale game. Fans have dug through the PUBG Taego map trailer and have spotted new guns, vehicles, and a possible self-pickup ability.

As developer Krafton revealed last week, the new Taego map is headed to the game in the 12.2 update – which is set to release in just a few weeks on July 7th on PC (July 15th on consoles). Like PUBG’s original Miramar, Taego will be a massive 8×8 km map, but otherwise there hasn’t been any firm facts about what players can expect from it – leaving fans to do the dirty work.

PUBG dataminer PlayerIGN has already indicated that there will be a new respawn system “where players fight for their revival” on a small Gulag island, but now they’re back with a list of potential new features uncovered in the latest PUBG trailer.

Perhaps the most intriguing is a possible self-pickup ability, as the trailer shows a downed player seemingly healing themselves with a medkit. A couple of new guns have been added – a 5.56 K2 Assault Rifle and a 5.56 K12 DMR – along with a new airdrop type and a Hyundai Pony Coupe, which looks great for drive-by battles. There’s also some sort of expanding blue energy bubble which PlayerIGN posits may be a new Zone feature.

New features in 8×8 map TAEGO via trailer:

• Pony Coupe vehicle• Possible self pickup?• 5.56 K2 Assault Rifle• 5.56 K12 DMR• New Airdrop Type• Possible new Zone feature• Chinook helicopter (from Paramo) is back

With the Taego update due to go live in just over two weeks, it surely has to appear on PUBG’s test servers sometime soon – meaning a whole wealth of new features coming in patch 12.2 will surely get revealed as soon as that happens. Don’t forget, there’s also a Red Dead Redemption-style spin-off coming at some point too.

BGMI Game Resource Pack: What is It? Download Size

Once you have downloaded the game on your smartphone, it will ask you to download the Resource Pack. This basically an extension pack that allows you to provide better graphics, skins, character details, and more to improve the overall gaming experience. There are two different types of Resource Packs available in the game: Low-spec Resource Pack and HD Resource Pack.

The Low-spec Resource is about 379.6MB in size and it applies the low-end version of all graphics resources. This will allow the game to run smoothly. It is helpful especially for those who are running the game on low-end mobile smartphones. Next up is the HD Resource Pack. The pack is about 618.2MB in size and it basically applies the HD version of all graphics resources. This means that players will get superior performance and effects, which provide a best-in-class gaming experience. That said, you can only enter the game when you download the resource pack.

Can We Transfer My PUBG Mobile Account to Battlegrounds Mobile India?

The developers have finally given an option to transfer your existing PUBG Mobile account to Battlegrounds Mobile India. This simply means that players can easily transfer their existing PUBG Mobile account to BGMI. All you need to do is follow these steps:

Open the BGMI game and log in using your Facebook, Twitter or Google Play account.
Once done, you will see a pop-up message that says ‘Account Data Transfer’.

Click on Yes and you will be asked whether you reside in India. Click on Yes again.
In the next screen, you will be asked to select the social network account that you linked with PUBG Mobile. One can select Facebook or Twitter.

Once done, the app will then ask you to login into your Facebook account to transfer all the things to the new BGMI application.
With this, all your skins, characters, and more will be transferred to your new Battlegrounds Mobile India account.

Are There any Restrictions with Battlegrounds Mobile India?

The question here is: does Battlegrounds Mobile India has any restrictions? The answer is yes. The first restriction comes in the forms of slots. The slots are currently not available at the time of writing. However, the company has confirmed that it will roll out more beta slots for its users. Secondly, the BGMI is designed to restrict your gameplay. If you are over 18 years old and you are playing the game for a long stretch, it will remind you to take a break after every 45 minutes. Moreover, the game also gives you a handy guide on how to make the gaming experience a comfortable one by giving some tricks like maintaining a proper posture, use an ample amount of light, and more. Another restriction here is the blood. In BGMI, the blood is green and you cannot change it red like could do in PUBG Mobile.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Early Access Open for All to Download
Krafton has confirmed that the Battlegrounds Mobile India game is now available for all. the developers have revealed that everyone can download BGMI to get their hands on the newest game. Users can click on the Play Store listing to download the game. Krafton has also announced a bunch of rewards for early access members. These include a Supply Crate Coupon, 2x EXP Cards and 2x BP Cards. You can claim these rewards from your in-game mail

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