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How To Apply For Kisan Credit Card

How to apply for Kisan Credit Card

How To Apply For Kisan Credit Card

           Today we will tell you why it is important for every farmer to have Kisan Credit Card and how you can make it.

    About Kisan Credit Card

                You must have heard the short form KCC of two or three letters. Its full form is Kisan Credit Card and as a farmer, you all must know how much its necessity has increased over the last few years. So if you are deprived of Kisan Credit Card, go immediately and get your Kisan Credit Card first today. Before telling you why there is so much Kisan Credit Card for a farmer, let us tell you when and for what purpose Kisan Credit Card was introduced.

              To solve the economic problems of the farmer's economic needs in the year 1998 the Government of India had introduced this scheme as a gift to the farmer Kisan Credit Card which is a leading loan disbursement system. By taking crop loans under the Kisan Credit Card Key introduced by NABARD Reserve Bank of India, the farmer can fulfill all the needs related to the cultivation of his agricultural implements like fertilizer, seeds, pesticides, chemicals, etc. 

                And can repay this debt by selling the products. Let me tell you that through KCC, apart from agricultural needs, the farmer can also take short term tax for his household needs like employment and fisheries, etc. Through Kisan Credit Card, a farmer can take a loan of 50 to ₹ 300000. 

             But how much loan a farmer will get on the basis of his land is decided on the basis of farmer's income, his credit history, area of ​​cultivable land, the yield of previous crop production land, and the cost of re-cultivating the farm. The percentage of interest in Kisan credit card loans is very low.

    2 categories in loans given under KCC

     1. Crop loan

                 I.e. crops loans. Once a Kisan Credit Card is issued, it is valid for 5 years. Any farmer can take a short term crop loan of up to ₹ 300000 in these 5 years. The interest rate on this loan is 7% per annum. But if a farmer pays his dues within 1 year, he gets a 3% discount in the interest rate, thus the percentage of interest is reduced to 4% per annum.

               Crop insurance is facilitated by taking crop loans. KCC provides assistance to the farmer in case of natural calamity, an outbreak of liver diseases, and crop failure.

    2. Term loan

               Any loan above ₹ 300000 is called term loan. Now, how much loan can you get above ₹ 300000? Whether it will be received or not, if it is received, how much interest will be charged on it is decided by the lending bank. No concession or grant is given to the farmer by the government. The merit of KCC is that under it, the farmer can easily get a loan for any reason other than agricultural work.

               The process is so simple that even a less educated or uneducated person can easily get a loan. Simultaneously, insurance coverage is also given to the farmer.

               Accident insurance cover is also given to Kisan Credit Card holders under which an amount of 50000 is given in case of death of a farmer in an accident during agricultural works and an amount of ₹ 25000 is given in case of disability if the farmer becomes disabled. And this news is valid for the holder till the age of 70 years. 

                 Kisan credit cardholders get credit cards as well as passbooks. In this passbook, the name and address of the cardholder, the information of the agricultural land, the loan period, the validity period of the card, and the passport size photo of India are attached.

               For the farmer, this Kisan credit card also works as an identity card.

    How to apply for a Kisan credit card.

             Any such person can apply for the Kisan Credit Card. Whoever is a farmer, whether he cultivates his own land or cultivates someone else's land, the people involved in crop production can also apply for Kisan Credit Card by being single or by joining.

    Farmers can make credit cards.

    How to make Kisan Credit Card

                    You can get Kisan Credit Card from any government or private bank. Every small and big farmer living in any part of India can take advantage of this. Kisan Credit Card is directly linked to Kisan's account. So that the farmer has his money in his account, why is the debt left, then the farmer should also get interest on it.

                       If you are a farmer, of course, you should also have a Kisan credit card. Kisan is working on a plan to deliver credit cards to every farmer family of the country. At present, the KCC and the government want to double the scope of KCC before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, which is around 70 million farmer families in the country, by doubling it to 14 crore.

                      Now there is good news for those farmers who have not yet taken KCC that farmers will not have to visit the bank, again and again, to get Kisan Credit Card as the process of making KCC has been simplified earlier but still removed. Has gone Let me tell you that making Kisan Credit Card used to cost from Rs.2000 to Rs.5000 but recently the Indian Banks Association has issued an advisory in which all the banks have been asked.

    Documents required for making Kisan Credit Card

           In 3 documents you will be able to make Kisan Credit Card. How to make Kisan Credit Card? Identity Card, Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Driving License, Address Proof, Ration Card, Land Documents, and Guarantor were also required. But now you can take only 3 documents because of all these documents to get it.

      1. You should have a record of land ownership

     2. Address proof i.e. on residence certificate

     3. Affidavit The applicant does not already have a loan from any other bank.

         Only on the basis of these documents, you can make your KCC. Another special thing is that now Kisan will be available not only for credit card but also for animal husbandry and fish farming in which apart from the loan of ₹ 300000 for agriculture, the KCC holder will also be able to take a loan of up to ₹ 20000 for animal husbandry and fish farming. Complete information related to Kisan Credit Card If you have a Kisan Credit Card, use it in the right way and take advantage of the benefits you get from it.

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